Join Kiwanis

We'd love to tell you more about our club. We are blessed to have many community leaders as members of our very unique club including county administrators, a fire chief, sheriff deputies, bankers, marketing executives to manufacturing, media and real estate professionals.  We also have a very diverse group of senior level businessmen and businesswomen that comprise this wonderful club.

So, why join Kiwanis? Below are the best reasons.


The opportunity to help

The most important thing you will get out of your membership is the opportunity to see a smile on the face of a child and realize that without you and your Kiwanis club, that smile would not be there. That really makes it all worthwhile.

We believe that those who give the most are the happiest. There is nothing more beautiful than individuals who reach out to make other people’s lives beautiful. It teaches us the value of service to others and shows us how important our contributions are in making this world a better place most especially for the children. 

Personal growth and development

You’re going to be a better-informed citizen thanks to great information shared by our guest speakers.  If you operate in the business world, you’ll have the opportunity to network (you should not join Kiwanis just for that reason, but it does happen because Kiwanians like to do business with their fellow Kiwanians). 

Membership provides education in human relations and personal development. Being in service to others develops a good character in every person. It gives us experiences that teach and develop us to become better individuals. 

Make friends and be part of something great
You're going to make new friends—friends that will last a lifetime—and you’re going to have fun and experience good fellowship. Being a member allows one to take part in the many activities and projects we create.

Consider joining our club

We would love to have you consider joining us. We meet every Friday morning from 7:15 am to 8:15 am sharp at the Country Kitchen Restaurant in Brooksville.  As you leave, you will be refreshed from a healthy breakfast, great fellowship, some new knowledge and ready to make your day and weekend enjoyable and meaningful.

Thanks and we hope to see you again FRIEND.